Contemporary Gestalt Training Program - Level 1

Begins Friday Evening to Sunday Afternoon, January 3-5, 2014
Invest 6 months of your life in an unbelievable growth experience!

Call the Center today at 610-251-0945 to register. CEU’s Available


Our training program is now available in a combination live and on-line meeting format, allowing more access to those at a distance. Call Ron Gladis at 610-251-0945 for more information.


We know that investing in yourself is key to sustainable success and satisfaction. That’s why we are proud to announce our thirty-fifth Gestalt Training Program, which will begin with a student weekend workshop, Friday evening to Sunday afternoon, January 3-5, 2014. We would love you to be a member of this special class. Attending this workshop doesn’t obligate you to join our program. It’s just an opportunity to see what we have to offer you.

Cost for the weekend is only $200 including healthy and delicious meals by Chef du Jour, Michael Griffin. Call the Center at 610-251-0945 for more information and registration.

Give Us Six Months And We'll Give You Change

Our motto is not said lightly. It is a promise we intend to keep and are capable of delivering because we hear every day about the tremendous growth of our students in all parts of their lives. The impact of this training is profound. You will develop enhanced competencies in self-awareness and confidence, personal presence and the ability to impact others, and increase your capacity to act with clarity and purpose. If you feel this first year has been beneficial, you will have an option to join us for the second and third year of our program.

A newly graduated clinician? We equip you with an array of hands-on clinical skills that may have been missing from your graduate course work. A seasoned professional who feels stale? We can expand your clinical skills to complement to your existing practice. For non- professionals, we emphasize the acquisition of life skills training and personal growth.

Whether for personal growth, professional development, or to launch a new career, students are challenged to use their creative, intuitive, intellectual and emotional capabilities to develop a personal style based on their own strengths and values. They find that Gestalt principles expand their skills for working with people, groups, and organizations, enrich their relationships with themselves and loved ones, and open new avenues of contact with their environment. Bottom-line...Gestalt Training changes lives.

In this year of training you will learn to:

  • Create healing and significant growth in your personal and professional life
  • Complement personal growth with theoretical understanding
  • Gain one-on-one clinical skills
  • Demonstrate the importance of contact as a measure of health
  • Understand the six Gestalt resistances and identify them in clinical material
  • Monitor your own inner dialog and modify toxic messages
  • Realize the potential of using the "language of responsibility"
  • Manage ongoing group process
  • Apply Gestalt techniques

It has become increasingly clear over time, that what we offer at the Center is a training program that goes to the heart of change. Thirty-six years ago, the program attracted clinical workers and those in related fields. Soon, people in other fields such as sports therapy, business and administration joined. Further still, came the doctors and psychiatrists, homemakers and educators, writers and musicians. Today we have an eclectic mix of wonderful students who have come to know the program not only as a support for the work they do, but more importantly for their own personal growth, leading them to better relationships, increased productivity in the world, and most significantly, a better feeling about themselves.

Come join us and create the life you’ve always wanted! This is an exciting opportunity for an ongoing intensive personal growth process with a group of committed people supervised by three master Gestalt practitioners, Mariah Fenton Gladis, LCSW, BCD, Dori Middleman MD, and Mark Putnam, MD.

CEUs: The Pennsylvania Board of Social Work Examiners has approved this workshop for 21 contact hours of continuing education toward PA/LSW licensure renewal.

Suggested Reading: Tales of a Wounded Healer by Mariah Fenton Gladis

Gestalt Training Program Begins
January 3-5th, 2014

  • Fee: $200
  • Fee + Lodging: $350
  • CEUs: 21 hours

Healthy meals and snacks are provided.