Our Center is distinguished by its uniquely creative and supportive approach to psychotherapy and an emphasis on the inclusion of the power of love and faith and their concomitant effects on healing. Our clinicians are encouraged to be creative in method and contactful in interaction while we focus on the appreciation and enhancement of each individual person.

Individual Psychotherapy

There are many reasons to get involved in intense psychotherapy. You may have experienced a trauma in your early life that continually gets in the way of our functioning at a high level and getting along in the world. You may be experiencing a transition in your life that is causing you anxiety and stress, or you might need to develop new skills to handle relationships both intimate and casual, at home or in your work life. In all cases, having a professional who is authentic and non-judgmental, while accurately understanding your feelings and concerns is of paramount importance to having a successful growth experience.

Here at our Center, we support you to go beyond just coping with your situation, but rather encourage you in your personal evolution so you can reach your highest potential. In your relationship with a skillful, supportive psychotherapist, you can actualize the changes that will make your life effective and fulfilling.

Couples Therapy

Couples counseling is the best way for couples to resolve difficulties in their relationship. With each partner in attendance, it allows for problems to be dealt with in the context of the relationship while in a non-judgmental environment with an attentive therapist whose primary goal is the health of the relationship and the people in it.

There are many reasons couples may find to come into therapy together. Often there are arguments that are repetitive. One partner may be feeling distant or empty in the relationship. There may be general dissatisfaction, resentment or even constant anger. Most often the effects of the partner’s disconnect are felt in their physical relationship through disinterest in affection or sexual contact.

The aim of couple’s counseling is to help a couple deal appropriately with their immediate problems and to learn better ways of relating in general.

Group Therapy

Psychotherapy in a group setting focuses on helping you solve emotional difficulties and encouraging your personal development. It is an ideal approach if you are struggling with issues of intimacy, trust and self-esteem, since the same relationships you experience in your life usually emerge in a group. Because other group members will challenge you in ways that you often experience in the world, the advantage of a group is to help you identify, get feedback and change those patterns that are sabotaging your relationships and personal growth. Working through these issues in a “here and now” setting that is similar to reality is an opportunity to explore and heal these issues in a safe environment.

More particularly, Gestalt group psychotherapy provides the following:

  • An opportunity to work on personal issues with other members serving as witness and providing support and feedback
  • A place to learn about yourself from observing and participating in others work
  • A laboratory for developing awareness, creating solutions and trying new behaviors
  • An opportunity to do Gestalt work in a group setting
  • An economical way to experience psychotherapy
  • An opportunity to discover and heal relationship issues as they emerge in the group

All group interactions and information including names are kept strictly confidential by all members of the group. As a group member you are not required to reveal intimate details about your life unless you want to.  However, it is clear that the more you can participate, be open and talk about yourself—your feelings and thoughts—the more you can gain from this experience.


The focus of the Supervision Group is to learn more about one's self as a therapist in a safe, dynamic environment. There is no requirement to be a Gestalt therapist or be in Gestalt training to be in this group. It is for any professional who works with people, i.e., counselors, coaches, therapists, teachers, mentors, trainers and group leaders.
With group supervision you will:

  • Learn how to utilize Gestalt therapy skills with a variety of clinical issues
  • Experience peer support and the giving and receiving of feedback while sharing common experiences and learning new behaviors
  • Feel a safe environment in which to explore what is happening in a therapy situation, and any areas in which you or your clients appear "stuck"
  • Present cases, looking at specific issues and role-playing difficulties with clients while gaining insight, assistance and different perspectives in dealing with patients who have complex or especially challenging problems
  • Address ethical concerns, boundary issues, transference and counter-transference

“This Supervision Group will utilize a method of experiential learning, and apply Gestalt theories to individual cases. We’ll also use Gestalt process to facilitate your personal and professional growth and development”  

Mariah Fenton Gladis


Private Workshops

A Private Workshop is a workshop of an extended length that allows for concentrated individual time to work with important issues. Because the Private Workshop is of an extended length, core material can often be fully worked through to completion. A Private Workshop is also an opportunity to do intense work for those who work better in a smaller structure rather than a full open workshop.

A Private Workshop can be for singles, partners, families or like-minded groups. It can also include outside volunteers specifically chosen by me to help assist the work through support and role-playing. These groups can address critical issues in depth with time to reach deeper understanding and communication, and accelerate the healing process.

“I have had several graduated training classes of the Center schedule a Private Workshop with wonderful results. They are able to continue their growth process in the comfort of their familiar Gestalt family.” – Mariah Fenton Gladis

Services and Fees

  Duration Cost
Couples Therapy 60 minutes $175
Family Therapy 60 minutes $175
Group Psychotherapy* 2 hours $85
Group Supervision** 1 Hour 15 Minutes $85
Individual Therapy Sessions 50 minutes $175
Initial Evaluation Appointment 50 minutes $175
One Half Day Private Workshop 3 Hours 30 Minutes $800
Whole Day Private Workshop 7 hours $1,600

* Meets Bi-weekly
** Meets once a month
Call for dates and times of groups