Open Workshops

At a recent workshop, we recorded some of the ways people said they use to avoid contact in the world. Negative self-talk. Taking care of others. Getting busy. Analyzing. Disconnecting. Fear of risk. Judgment. Getting angry. Self-censoring. Using humor. Isolating. Intellectualizing. Become peacemaker. Prioritizing others. Withdrawing. Are you in there somewhere?

In our workshops you will learn to assess your abilities and disabilities, to deepen your relationships and capacity to love, to develop new relationship skills, to increase self-awareness, and to practice risking positive action with others.

There are typically two ways to experience our workshops. One is to participate as a “Group” participant. Group participants share in-group exercises and are involved as observers of individual work. “Individual” workspace participants have a time to do personal work with Mariah and the group. It is a powerful experience and everyone in the room must be open to being moved and changed in the process.

When we work this way in a workshop environment, you will learn things about yourself that you may never have learned had you not witnessed the healing process of others. Group work of this nature can stimulate memories and give you courage to face issues that you may never have faced. It can also teach you how to open your arms and heart to others in need.