Over the years, as the demand has risen, the Center has added programs directed at all aspects of coaching: coaching training, personal coaching sessions, and topical coaching groups. What is unique about our approach is its blending of Gestalt principals and techniques with coaching, thereby creating a dynamic and effective way of working from the inside out, which emphasizes personal responsibility, awareness, clear contact skills and trust of one’s innate wisdom and capability. 

What is Personal Coaching you might ask?  Personal coaching is a rapidly expanding profession that serves individuals looking to enhance and accelerate the achievement of personal and professional goals. It is a term generally used in the fields of business, executive, life, and career coaching.

You may be the owner of a successful small business looking to balance the demands of your family and your work. Or you might need to lose weight or develop an exercise routine that works for you. Perhaps, you are a writer feeling frustrated with being unpublished. You could even be out of work and looking for direction. Personal Coaching can also move an already successful person toward higher functioning. In all cases, a coach may be able to help you make your life the one you want.

A Personal Coach can give an outside, unbiased observation of their client’s desires and goals and help the client develop strategies to achieve them. The goal is always to empower the client to take responsibility for their achievements and their successes.