“As so often is the case after seeing you, I feel more whole this afternoon.  One of your greatest gifts (in my opinion) is that you know people are “messy,” that we can’t sum ourselves up in the neat packages we’d like to in order to make the lives of our loved ones more convenient.  You know people are “messy” and love them anyway, love them not in spite of their/our messiness but because of it.  You convey a love that is multi-dimensional, that exists outside of the constraints of time, space, and gravity.  In a world that seems determined to self-destruct from the toxicity of its own greed, need and fear, you send out precious tendrils of hope, rays of light that bring warmth and solace to those blessed to know you, and the millions who do not.  I am forever grateful to you for your presence in my life.”

Janet Landis

“Thank you for the remarkable healing experience of this past weekend.  It was extremely helpful.  I am deeply touched and profoundly moved.  In many ways I feel opened up and the light is pouring in once again.”

Dan Hinkle

“Mariah, I want to add my full acknowledgement on what a special person you are.  It was truly inspiring to me to see a strong and powerful woman succeeding in a profession requiring deep interpersonal skills as well as strong self esteem, boundaries and compassion for others, despite your long term disease.  

Without discounting my personal struggles, I felt humble as well as uplifted and buoyed by the example that, with right focus, persistence and passion, women everywhere are able to rise above circumstances to become the best they can possible be.”

Karen Presbury

“I want to thank you for your help over the years as I struggle through this thing we know as life. You have given some great gifts that I get to take home with me each time I leave after our time together.”

William Bostwick

“I would like to thank you all whole heartedly for your enlightening and literally uplifting workshop. Your teamwork is extremely successful and seems completely effortless, but I’m sure it’s not. I appreciate the effort to create a “perfect” workshop that is goal oriented, safe, nurturing and healing for all participants.

I think the fact that the leaders were so well in tune with each other inspired the group to aim for the same unity. And I don’t think any other therapist can match Mariah’s capacity to be a strong and secure guide while staying completely vulnerable and open during each session! (How on earth do you do it???)

What worked for me really well was writing down my intention for this workshop right in the beginning. My goal was to become more and more “fearless” and looking back I realize the workshop changed my whole outlook on being fearless. Instead of visualizing a fully armed and shielded warrior who defeats fear with sheer strength and willpower I now see another option: to simply conquer my fear with love by comforting myself with a song or a poem or a picture. The concrete suggestion of listening to “Bridge over Troubled Water” when I experience fear was very useful to me!  I had a fabulous weekend and hope to be back!”

Ingrid Ringel

“Mariah. Thank you for your presence and your presents.  You are truly an amazing and beautiful person.  I am witnessing all kinds of possibilities opening up in my life. Thanks to you and all of the beautiful participants in the workshops for opening their hearts which helped me find my heart again.  Your work is truly a gift and a miracle—and I’m a true believer in miracles.”

Larry Knorr

“Mariah is uniquely able to work as a therapist with clear command of a highly disciplined practice while remaining utterly in touch with her own vulnerability. In this way she is more than a healer: she provides a model for self-healing. Her courage to face the gradual unraveling of control within her own body has been matched with an iron focus on what needs to be done for herself, her friends and family and, without fail, for her clients and students.

Mariah has watched me like a vigilant guardian focused on my wellness as I emerged from a kind of foggy depression, reconnected with myself and my family and found the successful vocation I never would have dared to pursue. I am utterly grateful and know that this book can provide both inspiration and guidance for anyone who is ready to go on their own miraculous journey of healing.”

G. Benjamin Bingham, Managing Director,
Benchmark Asset Managers

“Love and gratitude for helping me to grow to a place of deeper understanding of all that I am and could be. Thank you, Mariah, for showing me the power and possibility of forgiveness. That is perhaps the greatest gift and lesson you gave me, along with your unwavering support, encouragement and motherly love. Thank you all for showing all of us the true meaning of love and commitment.”

Pam Ransome

“Thank you Mariah for helping me focus on realizing my dream. I have to say that I’ve never felt more confident and relaxed about such a major change. It makes me wonder who has taken over my body/mind and where did the old Ginger go? As hard as it is for me to believe, my dream is coming true … it sure does feel good.”

Ginger Metzler

“Mariah’s workshops are an excellent balance of theoretical and practical gestalt techniques along with an appropriate blend of physical, emotional and spiritual components.”

Paul Zak